buddhism / pets

Suspicious examples between buddhism and pets.
buddhism pets
  • Does breeding dogs fall under right livelihood? (1.000)
  • I saw a cat killing a mouse. Could have stopped it, but didn't (0.950)
  • If A is killed by B due to A's past karma of killing B, will B suffer from this karma of killing A? (0.922)
  • Does a pet boa/python measure the owner by lying straight? (0.945)
  • How does pet dog ownership vary (if at all) in western countries by ethnicity? (0.936)
  • Could my dog be a chimera (hybrid)? (0.916)
  • Are all non-monastic ways of life wrong livelihood? (0.434)
  • Puppys trying to Breed too early not in heat (0.522)
  • Why do adult dogs kill puppies? (0.519)
  • Can Humane Society paperwork be used to prove breed? (0.518)
  • When breeding two purebred dog types, does it matter which parent is which breed? (0.508)
  • does the value of a working dog increase over time? (0.507)
buddhism pets
  • If a snake is eating a frog in front of me, what should I do? (1.000)
  • Feeding meat to pets is it a good karma or bad? (0.909)
  • How to react to a mouse biting? (0.933)
  • Do dogs avoid eating poisonous plants? (0.931)
  • Is second hand exposure to (non-nicotine) vaping harmful to my pet? (0.909)
  • Is it safe for a dog to eat poisonous bugs? (0.908)
  • If a buddhist should not kill a mouse living in their home, what justification do they have to rid themselves of a parasite such tapeworms (0.408)
  • When my snake is refusing food how long should I wait before I should worry? (0.585)
  • How to lure a escaped snake (0.556)
  • What alternative foods can I try feeding my snake? (0.523)
  • What are the differences between taking care of a california king snake, and a corn snake? (0.516)
  • How long does it take for a worm to die after a toad eats it? (0.514)
buddhism pets
  • Can we own a bird pet which will in a cage? (1.000)
  • Euthanasia for animals (0.924)
  • Should a mirror be removed from a budgie cage before socializing it with others? (0.934)
  • How long can I spend with an animal to get to know it before adopting? (0.925)
  • Should you pet a bird, and if so, how? (0.918)
  • Wise to have one or two pet parrots in the same cage (0.909)
  • If a Buddhists was trapped with a predator animal in a cage, would they kill it? (0.485)
  • How to get a pet bird out of a tree? (0.644)
  • Do pet birds need to bath in water? (0.625)
  • Is it possible to raise a cat not to be a threat to pet birds? (0.607)
  • Cage for Parakeets (0.593)
  • How can I identify a pet bird that will be able to mimic human speech? (0.568)
buddhism pets
  • Euthanasia for animals (1.000)
  • Can we own a bird pet which will in a cage? (0.924)
  • What's the least painful way to euthanize a fish? (0.929)
  • Considering euthanasia for my aging dog (0.921)
  • How long can I spend with an animal to get to know it before adopting? (0.921)
  • Cat aggression while away (0.919)
  • What does Buddhism state about euthanasia? and right to death? (0.491)
  • What are the options for euthanasia in countries like India? (0.573)
  • What factors should I use to decide when its time to euthanize my elderly cat with kidney disease? (0.466)
  • How can I tell whether my dog was euthanized in a painful fashion? (0.458)
  • How long can we hold off euthanizing our cat? (0.433)
  • Phosphoethanolamine for dogs (0.419)