cooking / parenting

Suspicious examples between cooking and parenting.
cooking parenting
  • Can I make my spaghetti sauce with puree instead of sauce? (0.890)
  • What would you use to wash pretzel hot dog buns? (0.889)
  • How to have my solar system stick that would be edible (0.884)
  • What are the black spots on the lid of my expensive oil bottle? (0.883)
  • How do you warm the milk in a-drop in liner style bottle? (1.000)
  • Some techniques to avoid wet pants (0.885)
  • How can you recognize cold milk that has gone bad or is about to? (0.551)
  • How to keep cream from separating in milk? (0.535)
  • Can I use fat-free milk in b├ęchamel? (0.521)
  • Why would milk form a dense emulsion when warmed? (0.478)
  • How long do you need to use a hot water bottle to warm an infant's bed? (0.491)
  • How can I "train" my 9-month-old to drink from a feeding bottle? (0.486)
cooking parenting
  • Really messed up my jam help? (0.938)
  • Old bread becomes sticky (0.937)
  • What's wrong with my oven? (0.932)
  • Cooking rhubarb with soda (0.925)
  • Does sugar turn sour after prolonged cooking? (0.924)
  • What's a good way to cut bread into tiny pieces? (1.000)
  • How to slice bread thinly so it won't crumble? (0.703)
  • How to get uniform slices from bread? (0.648)
  • What is the driest, brownest bread that I can make for a stuffing? (0.603)
  • Why should I let bread cool before slicing and eating? (0.600)
  • How do I make bread with LOTS of seeds? (0.586)
  • How can you teach a toddler about pain without actually inflicting any in return? (0.447)
cooking parenting
  • How long can pasteurized milk be refrigerated? (0.942)
  • Is ground beef that was in the refrigerator for two weeks and has turned brown still usable? (0.941)
  • How much calcium propionate should I use as a bread preservative? (0.938)
  • How long can formula be stored in fridge and freezer? (1.000)
  • How long can breast milk be refrigerated before freezing? (0.932)
  • What is a good milk substitute for toddlers? (0.929)
  • What is the shelf life of herbal ghee: at room temp, fridge, or freezer? (0.735)
  • How long do refrigerator pickles keep? (0.686)
  • How long can coconut liquid/cream last (open) in the fridge? (0.673)
  • How long can I keep espresso in the fridge? (0.659)
  • How long will previously-frozen vacuum-packed chicken last in the fridge? (0.656)
  • How to preserve the daily extracted breast milk in freezer for a long time? (0.578)
cooking parenting
  • Is it safe to boil water in a microwave? (0.942)
  • What can cause honey to crystalize quickly? (0.939)
  • Are Pyrex casserole dishes safe for use on electric stovetops? (0.930)
  • Are glass baby food jars safe to reuse? (1.000)
  • Is it safe to use a microwave sterilizer to sterilize BPA-free baby bottles? (0.933)
  • Is citrus fruit safe for babies? (0.924)
  • Do I need to use sterilized jars straight away? (0.617)
  • Is it safe to store applejuice in an opened glass bottle outside of the fridge? (0.610)
  • Is it safe to store hot tea in PET bottles? (0.604)
  • Is it safe to use plastic wrap in boiling water? (0.588)
  • Has anyone had experience canning with "Quattro Stagioni" Jars? (0.579)
  • Can I save rice cereal for a baby for short periods of time? (0.496)