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Suspicious examples between cooking and travel.
cooking travel
  • Where can I purchase Banquete Chilero Sauce from Costa Rica in the US? (0.905)
  • Where to source Tapioca balls for Homemade Milk Tea? (0.894)
  • Defrosting Fish without Bag (0.891)
  • How do you make cheap asian instant noodles without noodles? (0.888)
  • Bringing pre-made bird's nest soup into the UK (1.000)
  • Can I purchase a SIM card at local branches in China using a credit card? (0.888)
  • What is a "soup chicken" (0.475)
  • Turning home made chicken stock into broth (0.419)
  • How do I keep ground turkey or chicken from clumping when I cook it? (0.412)
  • Split Pea Soup, but peas aren't dissolving (0.411)
  • Breading/Crumbing Chicken in their own eggs (0.407)
  • Do I need to provide any documents for my friend's UK visa application? (0.372)
cooking travel
  • Is there a difference between Kansas City strip and New York strip? (1.000)
  • how does the fryer oil filter machine work? (0.919)
  • Why is delivered pizza often oily? (0.910)
  • Tennessee Honey Jack Daniels substitution (0.909)
  • Is the NYC CityPASS a good deal? (0.922)
  • Why do dealers in Vegas check ID even if I look older than 25? (0.914)
  • What is the difference between pectin and pectin NH? (0.363)
  • Hotels on the Las Vegas strip: is there a commitment to gamble? (0.422)
  • Is there "all you can race" go-karting in New York City, USA? (0.381)
  • Why does it cost significantly more for a trip from Nicaragua to NYC than vice versa? (0.352)
  • What traffic interchange does this picture show? (0.349)
  • Is it possible to drive in New York with a Learner Permit from another state? (0.348)
cooking travel
  • Making brigadeiros in Portugal similar to the ones in Brazil (1.000)
  • Unroasted beans for Arab coffee? (0.900)
  • What are these small salty peppers from The Cheesecake Factory? (0.895)
  • What are these London appetizers? (0.912)
  • Where do I buy ground coffee around Kata beach, Thailand? (0.905)
  • Where can I try sea cucumbers in Taiwan? (0.897)
  • How to prepare baby lima beans for this paella recipe? (0.299)
  • Holidays in Brazil without Portuguese (0.655)
  • Communicating in English or basic Portuguese in Brazil (0.615)
  • Are there any mountaineering/hiking activities in or near Albufeira, Portugal? (0.513)
  • Is 300 euros enough for a month in Portugal? (0.432)
  • Is speaking Portuguese useful in Macau today? (0.389)
cooking travel
  • Can I bring sausages on a plane? (1.000)
  • What ingredient(s) available in the UK would make a passable alternative to epazote? (0.936)
  • I am flying to Macau from Michigan and would like to take a kilo of frozen Cured Canadian Bacon (0.930)
  • Can you freeze liquids to pass security checks? (0.956)
  • Is mozzarella liquid affected by the no fluids policy on planes? (0.950)
  • Is frozen chicken widely available in and around Oslo, Norway? Is the price higher than other capitals like Stockholm? (0.933)
  • How long can I travel with a whole cooked pork shoulder (0.521)
  • Can I bring reusable hand warmers onto a plane in Europe? (0.650)
  • Will my Luggage go all the way even if Im not on the plane? (0.596)
  • Are there any restrictions on taking self-dehydrated backpacking food into the USA (0.592)
  • Can I bring food which is not recognised as safe through US customs? (0.584)
  • Can I take orthodontic wires in my hand luggage? (0.562)