cooking / interpersonal

Suspicious examples between cooking and interpersonal.
cooking interpersonal
  • I need help to plan a Menu: 10 people, dinner with lovely friends at home (1.000)
  • How to politely request we don't eat out for lunch on my first day at new job? (0.930)
  • How to politely reject inviting a friend to my family's Thanksgiving dinner? (0.926)
  • Is it acceptable to order food at a restaurant if the person you are meeting is late? (0.923)
  • Is it acceptable to order food at a restaurant if a group of people is waiting for someone who is late? (0.921)
  • What to do when someone serves chicken after you told them you are vegetarian? (0.921)
  • How to serve oranges so it is easy for guests to enjoy them? (0.412)
  • How to invite a coworker I'm romantically interested in to a dinner party without sounding like I have an agenda? (0.517)
  • How can I politely tell a family who invited me for dinner that I'm still hungry? (0.456)
  • How to inform guests when you don't have enough food for everyone? (0.449)
  • How to invite terminal ill / very sick friends to a party? (0.447)
  • How can I politely tell my friends I can't afford to order takeout? (0.447)