buddhism / parenting

Suspicious examples between buddhism and parenting.
buddhism parenting
  • Do you need both parents permission to become ordained? (0.918)
  • Why doesn't a person cease to exist as soon as becoming an arahant? (0.918)
  • Is there an age before which you should avoid the concept of death or dying? (1.000)
  • When will I feel the same attachment for my next child as my firstborn? (0.918)
  • What are some fatherhood insights? (0.915)
  • Can a wish when thrusted upon a person from childhood become her own wish? (0.911)
  • How should one be mindful of death? (0.602)
  • Is causing death to a person breaking any monastic rule? (0.526)
  • Will I be reindividualised after death? (0.481)
  • Is contemplation of death auto-suggestion? (0.474)
  • Can / how do we know what death is? (0.465)
  • From what age should one heed "But I'm not cold!"? (0.479)
buddhism parenting
  • Is it fair to ordain a child even when they refuse? (1.000)
  • Is there a good summary of the different discipline philosophies for pre-school and school aged childern (0.938)
  • Is it bad being a "bad influence" for my younger cousin? (0.936)
  • Split-religion parents, should we baptize our children (0.929)
  • I feel terrible about the way I punished my child. How can I cope with my guilt about it? (0.929)
  • How do you teach morals and values in non-religious households? (0.928)
  • Does avoiding a person mean I have not truly forgiven them? (0.431)
  • Is it ever okay to tell a kid you disagree with their parents? (0.540)
  • Is it fine for parents to ask for allowance from children? How to do it tactfully? (0.536)
  • Should I allow my child's in-and-out father to be a part of his life? (0.520)
  • Should I force activities on my child? (0.520)
  • Should I encourage my 2 year old to figure things out on her own? (0.486)
buddhism parenting
  • Asking questions a "childish" way to learn, to teach? (1.000)
  • How to deal with people giving reviews to the teaching? (0.955)
  • How to teach the importance of being considerate? (0.939)
  • How do you handle a conflict between your child and a teacher? (0.935)
  • My daughter wants me to read other's minds (0.931)
  • How to teach a child about eavesdropping (0.929)
  • Do you need to be taught the nembutsu? Are some personalities better suited to it? (0.462)
  • Appropriate confrontational behaviour to teach a 2-year-old? (0.512)
  • How do I teach patience to my 7 year old son? (0.503)
  • Teaching mathematics to young children (0.501)
  • Explaining Thunder/Lightning to a preschooler (0.491)
  • How can we teach our pre-schooler enough of a second language to cover basic manners? (0.491)
buddhism parenting
  • What is correct punishment for children? (1.000)
  • What weight has the kamma when forced to do bad things as a child? (0.900)
  • Who actually is the 'Devil King Of the Sixth Heaven'? (0.896)
  • Why does MN 117 refer to a dirty defiled (กิเลส) right view of bondage? (0.894)
  • What happen before the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven create Samsara? (0.890)
  • Children: restriction vs. freedom (0.880)
  • What is appropriate punishment for heinous crimes by Buddhist standards? (0.542)
  • Is long-term punishment effective for children under 5? (0.574)
  • Is punishment necessary? (0.557)
  • Why should children be rewarded for good behaviour? (0.538)
  • Dealing with the psychological consequences of punishment in parenting (0.530)
  • Punishment for stealing? (0.530)
buddhism parenting
  • Information on the best vow/Baare to do for a child's health and safety (1.000)
  • Check pregnancy (0.907)
  • Is potty-training in 3 days possible? (0.869)
  • 6 Year old troubled by waking nightmares and bad memories (0.865)
  • Can tummy tighening cause harm to the baby in the womb (0.865)
  • What activities/sports are optimal in developing body awareness in children age 4-5? (0.863)
  • What weight has the kamma when forced to do bad things as a child? (0.315)
  • Where can I find good research on long term health impact of different types/brands of infant formula (in the US)? (0.466)
  • What are possible risks to a child's health from having an indoor cat? (0.456)
  • How do you determine safe (non-poisonous) toys for small children? (0.432)
  • What are some good resources for finding quality information about carseats? (0.419)
  • What is the best way to give medicine to baby? (0.413)