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Suspicious examples between fitness and parenting.
fitness parenting
  • Getting my younger brother to eat healthier (1.000)
  • How to make my 7- and 10-year-old nephews eat more healthily? (0.944)
  • How can I encourage my child to eat "spicier" healthy food? (0.943)
  • Help for my friend's pre-schooler who eats too much (0.918)
  • Should I feel bad about this or my mom is overreacting? (0.914)
  • My kid lost interest in eating (0.908)
  • Fitness plan for an achieving high school freshman (0.475)
  • Encouraging older brother to play with younger brother (0.619)
  • My younger brother doesn't want to do anything or leave his room (0.519)
  • How to approach my little brother's addiction to TV and computer? (0.505)
  • What to do about a 4 year old that's unbelievably picky about food (0.504)
  • How can I help reunite my mother and little brother? (0.491)
fitness parenting
  • Is there a weight gain formula for young children? (1.000)
  • Weight has gone down several pounds, but not trying to lose weight and feel fatter. Why? (0.919)
  • Advice on gaining weight (0.912)
  • is it true that weight loss for people who have been quite over-weight for a long time will only result in loose skin? (0.902)
  • 94kg help! Please sone guidience for weight loss (0.900)
  • Why require 1.5 - 2 ounces per day of weight gain? (0.899)
  • Is there something that I'm eating that is causing weight gain? (0.623)
  • How can I gain weight? (0.569)
  • How should I Lift and eat so I can Gain Weight? (0.537)
  • How to gain weight for one year infant (0.636)
  • How to get my 14 month old toddler who has a lot of food allergies to gain weight? (0.602)
  • Is it normal for an infant's weight to fluctuate? (0.558)
fitness parenting
  • Are neutral-grip pull-ups as effective as standard pull-ups? (0.958)
  • Why is a lateral pulld-own machine easier than pull-ups? (0.941)
  • Failure to do 16 pushups (0.940)
  • Why is this "minimum" program flawed (every 2nd day do dips, squats and pull-ups until failure)? (0.939)
  • If you can't flexed-arm hang, are you necessarily cheating on your pull-ups? (0.927)
  • Are "pull-ups" worthwhile? (1.000)
  • Lat pull-downs vs regular pull-ups (0.687)
  • Effects of doing many push ups, pull ups, dips? (0.628)
  • cant do pushups or pull ups. please help me (0.621)
  • Plateau on weighted pullups (0.618)
  • Will push ups, pull ups, sit ups and interval training get me ripped? (0.598)
  • At what age get a child to stop using pullups at night? [merged] (0.471)
fitness parenting
  • Helping a preschooler overcome fear and encourage trust (1.000)
  • Neural Adaptation Training vs. Hypertrophy Training? (0.892)
  • I need an advice about a training (0.889)
  • What are some outdoor activities that a toddler can be engaged in while I'm working outside in the garden/yard? (0.895)
  • My six-month-old son is trying to sit up and crawl. I'm scared of the potential for an injury (0.888)
  • How to teach my son, winning is not everything and teach him to lose graciously? My son cries when he looses and quits playing the game (0.887)
  • How do I overcome fear of open water swimming? (0.341)
  • How can I help my toddler feel confident in his communication? (0.514)
  • Regaining the trust of my toddler (0.511)
  • How can I help my 7 year old overcome his fear of playground equipment? (0.508)
  • How to make sure my 7-year-old daughter doesn't go outside alone, without scaring her or impacting her confidence? (0.501)
  • How to help a toddler overcome the fear of water on head? (0.499)