history / parenting

Suspicious examples between history and parenting.
history parenting
  • Are there cultures without knowledge of how babies are made? (1.000)
  • Hebrew as the Language of America (0.905)
  • Did ancient Egypt gain any significant cultural influence from other states/regions? (0.897)
  • What corrections did the Catholic church make to the Copernicus work "De revolutionibus"? (0.897)
  • What can be considered to be the single most important reason for the decline of muslim Golden Age? (0.896)
  • Do we have to wrap an infant in the warm clothes after his birth? (0.900)
  • What is the first known instance of gift-giving backfiring across cultures? (0.428)
  • How do you know when a baby needs to be burped? (0.468)
  • If a baby is accidentally dropped by a parent, does the baby lose trust in the parent? (0.459)
  • How come when we pick up a baby or first reaction is to rock them, even if you have never ever held a baby before? (0.443)
  • Can I teach my baby my native language if I only see her for a few minutes at a time? (0.442)
  • Does a baby cry inside the womb? (0.439)
history parenting
  • What do I ask myself/ teach my child to ask herself when looking for translations/adaptations of historical/epic works for her? (1.000)
  • Teaching young children about American Indian history (0.900)
  • Have studies shown whether toys that feature guns or other weapons prominently promote violent behavior? (0.886)
  • A religious teacher slapped my son twice for refuting God, what should I do? (0.879)
  • Should children of incarcerated parents be told the truth? (0.873)
  • Teaching mathematics to young children (0.871)
  • Are there cultures without knowledge of how babies are made? (0.295)
  • How do you teach a child to call for help? (0.586)
  • How do I teach my child to express his frustration? (0.565)
  • How can I teach my child not to be greedy? (0.558)
  • How can I teach my daughter to wait to speak? (0.548)
  • How to teach a child about eavesdropping (0.536)