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Suspicious examples between cooking and pets.
cooking pets
  • How can I keep my blueberry pie firm without the flavor of corn starch? (0.916)
  • Can I use unbleached flour in quickbread? (0.911)
  • What can I do with under-ripe eggplant? (0.905)
  • How do I make a dog-safe decorative icing to harden properly on treats? (1.000)
  • Icing that hardens for dog cakes (0.933)
  • Dog vs. Coffee Grinder (how to control barking) (0.927)
  • How can I make a carob coating? (0.594)
  • How to harden a chocolate made from Regular (unsalted) butter? (0.588)
  • How do I make macarons de Paris in a neat shape and make them rise with the lip? (0.586)
  • How can I substitute for unsweetened chocolate in a frosting? (0.578)
  • How do I make my own chocolate chips? (0.573)
  • What can I do when the cone of shame is too heavy? (0.400)
cooking pets
  • Is it safe to eat dog food in regular diet? (1.000)
  • Is it safe to eat marinated beef that has been frozen for three days? (0.930)
  • Are bones from fresh sardines safe to eat? (0.926)
  • Should iodized salt be avoided when salting meat? (0.923)
  • Non-shellfish Shrimp Substitutes? (0.922)
  • Is cat food safe for human consumption? (0.930)
  • Is it safe to eat chicken that sits out (0.652)
  • Is raw meat a suitable substitute for grain-free dog food? (0.690)
  • Is corn based food bad for my dog? (0.675)
  • Is it safe for a dog to eat poisonous bugs? (0.674)
  • Is it safe for pets (dog specifically) to eat moldy cheese (0.665)
  • Home cooked diets for dogs: is it fine to freeze it? (0.657)