history / sports

Suspicious examples between history and sports.
history sports
  • Why have major sporting events been held every 4 years? (1.000)
  • Why have North and South Korea stopped marching together at the Olympics? (0.948)
  • How is WAR defined as a baseball statistic? (0.931)
  • When was extra time introduced in European football competitions? (0.928)
  • Who implemented the first infield shift? (0.928)
  • Which football matches had the highest combined number of goals? (0.927)
  • Why do (almost) all countries have a flag, coat of arms, anthem, national holiday etc.? (0.454)
  • Sporting events held more than 4 years apart (0.570)
  • Why is NFL season significantly shorter compared to most other sports? (0.559)
  • Why does FIFA have so much authority over the entire sport of football? (0.545)
  • Why were the Football Euro championships such small tournaments decades ago? (0.539)
  • Why is cricket not played at the Olympics? (0.529)
history sports
  • Is there a story for how striking and fielding games started in Spain? (1.000)
  • Who is Arthur Flanagan? (0.948)
  • What were the reason behind the current offsides rules in football (soccer)? Also why have they been changed throughout its history? (0.949)
  • Stolen bases in softball (0.943)
  • Where and when was the first women's soccer team introduced in the USA? (0.940)
  • Baseball, when was the third strike rule put into effect when bunting? (0.939)
  • What is the origin of Gladiatorial Games? (0.458)
  • Has there been an "eventless" English Premier League game? (0.524)
  • How many bunt home runs has there been in the history of MLB? (0.482)
  • Is there a particular reason why brittish players rarely make it out to other major leagues in Europe? (0.480)
  • Who was the first manager to get expelled from a match in the history of football? (0.476)
  • How many times an MLB team has won a game with no hits? (0.474)
history sports
  • Disqualifications in the ancient olympics (1.000)
  • Who are the "Olympic Athletes from Russia"? (0.955)
  • Who was the first Korean to compete in the Olympics? (0.952)
  • What is the significance of the Olympic Village? (0.946)
  • Athlete medal Olympics and Paralympics? (0.944)
  • After the revocation of an Olympic medal, do those who took lower places get upgraded? (0.942)
  • How did the US government manage to enforce the 1980 boycott of the Olympic Games in Russia? (0.416)
  • Cheating in the Olympics (0.595)
  • Olympic sports with mixed team? (0.577)
  • Athletes under the Olympics flag competing in team sports (0.557)
  • Has rugby been an Olympic sport prior to the 2016 Olympics? (0.536)
  • Olympic sports where teams compete for entry (0.526)
history sports
  • Why did the Russians lose to the Turks in 1711 after defeating them in 1700 and the Swedes in 1709? (0.951)
  • Which George V stamp would be used for a letter sent from London to Sweden in 1919/1920? (0.948)
  • How many trucks did Russia and Germany have at the start of Barbarossa? (0.941)
  • Why did Greece go through over Russia in Euro 2012? (1.000)
  • How many times two teams from the same continent have played the World Cup Final game? (0.943)
  • Why is a bronze medal not awarded when two silvers are awarded in the Olympic Games? (0.941)
  • Why was Russia never part of NATO? (0.587)
  • How did Greeks make greek fire? (0.531)
  • Why Russia didn't have capitulations treaty with the Ottoman Empire till 1711? (0.525)
  • Why did Napoleon march to Moscow instead of Saint Petersburg? (0.513)
  • What do Spain get for winning Euro 2012? (0.576)
  • Why aren't Russian World Cup venues spread proportionately? (0.528)