mythology / sports

Suspicious examples between mythology and sports.
mythology sports
  • Where is Sigi from? (1.000)
  • What are the differences between Shakuna, Sundara, Rukma and Tripura Vimana flying machines? (0.879)
  • What is Clytemnestra's dowry? How does it compare to Helen's? (0.878)
  • The receiver moved his foot as I was serving in badminton. Is it legal? (0.892)
  • Is it a fault: penetrate under the net when the feet are completely in opponent's space, but not on the court? (0.888)
  • Who is run out if both batsmen are out of their ground? (0.880)
  • Where was the World Tree located? (0.501)
  • Roughly, where was Ogygia? (0.480)
  • Where was the "garden of Eden" located? (0.458)
  • What is the origin of the Vanir? (0.453)
  • Where did the term "soccer" originate? (0.489)
  • Where does the term 'Castled' come from? (0.462)