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Suspicious examples between diy and travel.
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  • Is it common for a contractor to ask a 50% deposit prior to starting the job? (0.924)
  • Adding an Interior Door on a Stair Landing (0.918)
  • What is the absolute minimum garage door size that will still fit a (small) car? (0.918)
  • Why do cable cars (gondola lifts) only have doors on one side? (1.000)
  • Truck rental, Mexico pick-up, U.S. drop-off (0.931)
  • Transfer time from Newark Terminal C to B? (0.917)
  • Why is roof buckling? (0.466)
  • Why does the riser go before tread when installing hardwood on stairs? (0.442)
  • How is installing roof sheathing horizontally stronger than vertically? (0.438)
  • Why are carpenters' pencils flat? (0.434)
  • Why do the doors between carriages show a no entry sign, yet have to be used by passengers on the Eurotunnel? (0.515)
  • Why do cars need to leave their windows half open whilst on the Eurotunnel? (0.465)