cooking / gardening

Suspicious examples between cooking and gardening.
cooking gardening
  • How many times can cheesecloth be reused? (0.916)
  • What is the world's hottest pepper? (0.913)
  • What is the shelf life of unground coffee beans? (0.912)
  • What trace elements are in coffee when it breaks down? (1.000)
  • What is special in commercial off-the-shelf liquid nutricient mixtures? (0.923)
  • Is rain water better than tap water for plants? (0.922)
  • When making french press coffee, what is the purpose of blooming the grounds? (0.493)
  • How long is it safe to drink coffee after brewed? (0.488)
  • If I'm using milk as an ingredient in soup, how can I prevent it from curdling? (0.431)
  • How to identify a good espresso? (0.423)
  • What is actively aerated compost tea? (0.442)
  • How should I add spent coffee grounds to Azaleas? (0.434)
cooking gardening
  • Does wrapping banana stems actually prolong their life? (1.000)
  • Why is my blueberry jam grainy? (0.936)
  • What's causing dry crispy leaves on Vaccinium Membranaceum? (0.940)
  • Avocado stem stops after 1- 2 cm (0.932)
  • Why do small fruit fall off chilli plants? (0.928)
  • Why do many of my parsley leaves have white tips? (0.926)
  • Can refractometers measure a banana's glucose content? (0.472)
  • Prunus cuttings used for pollination: How to prolong their life? (0.499)
  • Wintering a banana tree? should it be like this? (0.490)
  • Can the bananas of this variety be eaten? (0.481)
  • Can I encourage my roses to produce more flowers and fewer long stems? (0.478)
  • Do vegetable seeds have a shelf life? (0.453)
cooking gardening
  • How can I stabilize a berry coulis? (1.000)
  • Can I prevent honey from congealing/hardening in the pantry? (0.955)
  • How to store cut fruits & vegetables for days? (0.936)
  • Do I need to thin sprouts from an avocado pit? (0.938)
  • Why are my avocado's leaves drying out from the edges? (0.935)
  • Can I revive my basil that wasn't watered for a week? (0.934)
  • How can I keep fruit salad fresh longer (0.552)
  • How can I store Jamun(Indian blackberry) without sugar? (0.530)
  • Why is my blueberry jam grainy? (0.523)
  • How to fix the consistency of blueberry jam? (0.523)
  • How can I keep birds off my berries for cheap? (0.587)
  • What should I do to make my strawberry a perennial? (0.563)
cooking gardening
  • What is this? Fresh Kale looks to have small sprouting seeds, although looks similar to insect eggs (1.000)
  • Why is grocery store celery trimmed of its leaves? (0.933)
  • Which kinds of herbs can be grown in flower pots? (0.938)
  • What do globe amaranth seeds look like, and can I harvest them from dried flowers? (0.938)
  • What's the name of this leafy brassica looking plant? (0.934)
  • What's the name of this small purple eggplant cultivar? (0.932)
  • Is there supposed to be a difference between General Tso's and Sesame Chicken besides the seeds? (0.425)
  • Can you identify this plant just by its seed pods? (0.611)
  • What is this Bean Sprout looking plant? (0.599)
  • What is this plant growing in my backyard? I believe it's some kind of vegetable (0.570)
  • What is this houseplant that looks like it has a fruit in the curled leaves? (0.568)
  • What are these reddish-brown growths on my succulent plant? (0.568)
cooking gardening
  • How to remove cardamom seeds from rice (1.000)
  • What is this South African plant with broad, waxy leaves and shiny berries that ripen to red? (0.940)
  • Can I still use mint if it has aphids? (0.939)
  • What do globe amaranth seeds look like, and can I harvest them from dried flowers? (0.932)
  • Vermicompost cockroaches (0.932)
  • What is causing diseased leaves on my French beans? (0.925)
  • How to rice potatoes (0.578)
  • How do you finely grind coriander seeds? (0.571)
  • How do I make bread with LOTS of seeds? (0.544)
  • What is the best way to sprout Lychee seeds? (0.573)
  • How do I remove oak seedlings which sprouted in my garden? (0.554)
  • How can I establish Zoysia seed without tilling? (0.552)