gardening / sports

Suspicious examples between gardening and sports.
gardening sports
  • What is the tall plant in these photos? (0.900)
  • Is painting a lawn/garden border a good idea? (0.888)
  • What are those blue stripes or patches on Balotelli's back? (1.000)
  • What do the tiny yellow RC cars next to the javelin throwing field do? (0.888)
  • Preliminary drill for mohawk? (0.886)
  • How long should a medal ribbon be? (0.886)
  • What are these yellow patches on the leaves of my tomato plants? (0.472)
  • What are these brown stains on my Bougainvillea's leaves? (0.465)
  • What is this dead light brown patch on my lawn, and how do I get rid of it? (0.460)
  • What are these red marks on the leaves of my pelargoniums? (0.452)
  • Crassula or Portulacaria and what are the little white sticks (0.451)
  • What are these banners better called or know as? (0.409)