buddhism / health

Suspicious examples between buddhism and health.
buddhism health
  • Was the prohibition on eating dinner health advice? (1.000)
  • Theravada Monks and meat in daily meals (0.892)
  • Is there anything in Buddhism analogous to the Christian Eucharist? (0.891)
  • Wearing a bracelet to remind me to be mindful (0.887)
  • Survival Cannibalism: extreme starvation lead to pica disorder then to cannibalism? What is "edible"? (0.907)
  • Why don't people who get gastric bypass surgery starve to death? (0.900)
  • What is the purpose of not eating after noon? (0.414)
  • Health effects of alcohol when out of date (0.427)
  • Is eating fast food on regular basis really bad/harmful for health? (0.420)
  • Should I opt for ~950cal/day diet plan? (0.402)
  • Why am I advised not to eat immediately before exercise? (0.397)
  • Is eating spicy food bad for health? (0.391)
buddhism health
  • Clenching teeth and pressing tongue against roof of mouth (1.000)
  • What is the difference between a habit and an addiction? (0.905)
  • Is it wrong to watch fight events like boxing, MMA, judo etc.? (0.904)
  • What are the upsides of performing a laryngoscopy through the nose (a.k.a. nasolaryngoscopy) instead of a laryngoscopy through the mouth? (0.909)
  • Why do so many people suffer from glossophobia (fear of public speaking)? How to overcome glossophobia? (0.906)
  • "Cuddle" Parties boost oxytocin? To what degree does it help with pain management and sleep? (0.898)
  • Severe sensations in throat during Vipassana (0.428)
  • Brushing, flossing, and mouth wash (0.454)
  • How to prevent teeth-grinding at night & TMJ (Jaw) pain? Mouth-guard causes dry-mouth & restless sleep. Alternative treatments? (0.434)
  • Metalic Taste and Excessive Salivation before vomiting (0.421)
  • Can brushing teeth to hard cause the gums to retract? (0.418)
  • My front tooth fell out after a fall, dentist put it back in...? (0.395)
buddhism health
  • Permanent brain damage can cause someone to loose their Arihathness? (1.000)
  • Is pīti physical and sukha emotional? (0.926)
  • To what extend can passive smoking be dangerous? (0.931)
  • Feeling like being unable to breath when too quiet while sleeping? (0.931)
  • Can thinking too much lead to brain damage? (0.929)
  • When does the use of headphones become harmful? (0.927)
  • Can vipassana cause mental stress? (0.414)
  • Can long term sleeping at day damage your health? (0.503)
  • Does long-term SSRI use cause any permanent changes in personality? Are there any quantitative/qualitative studies looking at this? (0.473)
  • Which long-term effects can hypocortisolism have on behavior? (0.460)
  • How long can vestibular neuritis last? (0.454)
  • How long do people remain conscious, on average, after massive trauma causing catastrophic internal bleeding? (0.452)
buddhism health
  • Any cure for blurred vision after sitting with eyes half-open? (1.000)
  • Could meditation help with reducing memory and concentration problems? As with ADD or ADHD? (0.907)
  • What is this noise I see when I close my eyes? (0.923)
  • Do side effects spoil blind studies? (0.922)
  • Which suitable eye drop to choose for computer vision syndrome? (0.912)
  • I have a sensation of something crawling on my scalp (0.901)
  • Is it possible to see the counterpart sign (nimitta) with eyes open? (0.440)
  • Does staring at a screen for long periods of time cause myopia? (0.583)
  • Vision - is Bates method really able to restore one's vision? (0.560)
  • What is my eyesight (0.555)
  • Can wearing eyeglasses cause your eyesight to degrade further? (0.540)
  • How to diagnose myopia in a 2-year old? (0.535)