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Suspicious examples between gardening and health.
gardening health
  • Are Daminix tick tubes locally effective in controlling ticks? (0.911)
  • Map of ragweed infested countries (1.000)
  • How do I safely treat subungual hematoma? Tamarind seeds paste helps? (0.922)
  • inBurn like spot on the thumb (0.918)
  • Are OTC pain medications safer than prescriptions? (0.907)
  • Taking Benadryl after Claritin (0.906)
  • Eradicating brassica aphids (0.417)
  • How can I get a map of my plot of land for planning purposes? (0.391)
  • Care of red currant bushes (0.349)
  • Unknown pest identification - eggs? On a grape vine, UK (0.348)
  • Can anybody identify these small, red insects? (0.339)
  • How to get rid of fungus from toe nail damage? (0.318)
gardening health
  • How is nutritional value in fruit and vegetables measured? (1.000)
  • Formula for true Glycaemic index (GI) with varibles (mixing foods, cooking and portion size) (0.928)
  • Genetically Modified Banana? (0.914)
  • Can a woman tell which ovary, during ovulation, released the egg? Can she feel pain (due to follicle rupture) particular to one side? (0.914)
  • How do you calculate the nutrients of the oils food is cooked in? (0.914)
  • What are some good natural fruits or vegetables to eat after a marathon and why? (0.914)
  • Which fruits and vegetables can feature russeting? (0.577)
  • How to calculate nutrition fact? (0.560)
  • How do you measure the amount of calories with unlabeled foods? (0.536)
  • Why is it important to eat healthy food in a low-stress environment? (0.502)
  • Eating fruit is not so healthy? (0.498)
  • Vegetable smoothies: are they good for you? (0.495)
gardening health
  • My heuchera has acne! (1.000)
  • Sick Elderberry help (0.936)
  • What leaves should I feed worms? (0.934)
  • Aloe is drooping, is it ok? (0.921)
  • Where would you buy earthworms? (0.920)
  • Can a banana peel cure a plantar wart? (0.909)
  • My aloysia has some kind of rash (0.511)
  • Acne underneath skin (0.641)
  • What causes acne, and how do I get rid of it? (0.614)
  • What are some ways to stop and prevent acne? (0.586)
  • Aesthetics aside, is there a medical reason that acne should be treated? (0.580)
  • Can dental abscess cause acne? (0.568)