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Suspicious examples between history and travel.
history travel
  • How many illegal aliens were deported under "Operation Wetback"? (0.938)
  • U.S. biplane Identification (0.934)
  • Did airports have security checks before the 1970s? (0.927)
  • How is the land border between Poland and the Ukraine? (1.000)
  • Is a visa to Poland required for a Russian spouse of a Polish citizen? (0.941)
  • Is an entry to Mexico a red flag in U.S. immigration? (0.929)
  • How and why did Polish rule over the Ukraine "downwardly deviate" from Lithuanian rule? (0.648)
  • How was Germany's border decided? (0.547)
  • Why was the capital of Ukraine moved in 1934? (0.517)
  • German invasion of Poland details (0.473)
  • Why did Britain and France not declare war against the Soviet Union when it invaded Poland in WW2? (0.470)
  • Requirements for entry into Poland on Venezuelan Passport (0.451)
history travel
  • Example of a battering ram used to successfully breach a gate (0.924)
  • Has Congress ever offered a proposed admission of a new state without being approached? (0.923)
  • US Israeli relations before and after the USS Liberty Attack? (0.917)
  • Aren't there road signs that show populations of towns in the UK? (1.000)
  • Belarus-Russia border closed to foreigners (0.917)
  • Confused about visa question: "Voluntarily elected to depart the UK" ? Yes or No? (0.913)
  • Is it true that medieval villages didn't have names? (0.445)
  • When did furniture become common in the homes of most people in the British Isles? (0.419)
  • Why does Northern Ireland not include the counties Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan? (0.381)
  • Are there any underground cities known except those found in Cappadocia? (0.364)
  • Is there any highway, road or something else that covers the Grand Tour? (0.395)
  • Is there an up-to-date map of street art in London? (0.394)
history travel
  • Travelling to Germany in the 19th Century from London (1.000)
  • How much has U.S. currency inflated since 1792? (0.952)
  • Italian & Italian-American Internment camp locations in the United States in WWII (0.940)
  • How do oil prices impact flight prices? (0.946)
  • Do I need a transit visa to collect and re-check my luggage at Istanbul Ataturk airport? (0.940)
  • Do I need a Belarus transit visa traveling by train to Moscow from France? (0.938)
  • Time to travel around Europe in the 18th century (0.569)
  • Fastest way to travel between London and Sheffield by train or airplane (0.553)
  • US to India layover in London (0.545)
  • Trip in the south of Germany (0.541)
  • How can I organize a year-long exchange to Germany? (0.520)
  • Using a London travel-card for a Reading-Oxford-London-Reading trip (0.517)
history travel
  • No speed limit on German highways - why? (1.000)
  • What does 'a long train' mean in the Declaration of Independence (0.938)
  • In WW2, why didn't Japan invade Macau? (0.936)
  • Can Filipino citizens get a visa upon arrival in South Korea? (0.939)
  • Does Japan charge an extra departure tax if you depart from a different airport than your arrival? (0.935)
  • What time does the Tbilisi to Istanbul bus depart? (0.927)
  • Why were the blackletter typefaces abolished in Germany? (0.454)
  • Why didn't the Germans fully exploit the first gas attack near Ypres (0.416)
  • What is the longest stretch of the Autobahn that is guaranteed to have no speed limits? (0.715)
  • What are the legal consequences for a tourist who runs out of gas on the Autobahn? (0.501)
  • How busy is the E50/D1 motorway in Czech Republic? (0.467)
  • What does it mean to be in the fast lane in California? (0.454)
history travel
  • When did pilots experience blackouts and redouts for the first time? (0.936)
  • John the Fearless: John I or John II? Can the French and the English agree? (0.932)
  • Sources on common people history (0.925)
  • Retroactively claim miles in different alliances? (1.000)
  • One night in a traditional temple in Japan (0.930)
  • Why does Australia have little in the way of visa free travel? (0.925)
  • Was the name "War of the League of Augsburg" or "War of the Grand Alliance" used within the Alliance? (0.417)
  • Were the pre-WW1 alliances really created to prevent war? (0.405)
  • Did defeated countries pay their war bonds? (0.390)
  • Why did Great Britain switch its alliance to France? (0.358)
  • Can I merge points from different flight companies to use in Star Alliance? (0.413)
  • Redeeming miles from one program for partner airline ticket (Star Alliance) (0.406)