health / history

Suspicious examples between health and history.
health history
  • Were the Salem Witch Trials caused by sociopaths, ergotism, hallucinations, or mass hysteria? (1.000)
  • In which version of the ICD was homosexuality classified as a disease? (0.904)
  • What happened to the overseas wealth of the Holocaust Jews? (0.917)
  • How widely were Ramadan observed among Muslim slaves in pre-civil war America? (0.914)
  • Was there a precursor to the Bolshevik Party? (0.903)
  • Early criminal exile in Kamchatka (0.901)
  • Are there tables that compare deadly effects of various psychoactive drugs? (0.438)
  • What are the psychological effects for Munchausen by Proxy (MSBP) victims? Stockholm-Syndrome? (0.386)
  • What type of people were most likely to be suspected of witchcraft in Salem? (0.553)
  • What were the most important causes of the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials? (0.535)
  • Have governments or combatants marked the houses of groups to be persecuted? (0.380)
  • What historical evidence do we have regarding the Lost Colony of Roanoke? (0.376)
health history
  • How was penicillin discovered, and was the use of it immediately realised? (1.000)
  • Why is thalidomide a current drug on the market? (0.899)
  • Mnemonics for centures or any other longer periods, like Zodiac signs other than Chinese? (0.910)
  • What major approaches to "class" as a theoretical category do historians commonly use? (0.907)
  • Was the term 'renaissance' used during said period? (0.907)
  • Why some languages uses the term "high" to refer to an early period and the world "low" to refer to a late one? (0.905)
  • how does the immune system identify allergens? application: varenicline and lobeline (0.422)
  • How do doctors decide on the duration of an antibiotic regimen? (0.421)
  • What is "discovery" in the historical sense? How do historians today view and describe "discoveries"? (0.491)
  • When did the modern use of left and right solidify (0.463)
  • When did we discover air? (0.434)
  • Why Europe became more developed although metal was first discovered and used in Asia/Africa? (0.433)